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September 2017

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PostSubject: ABOUT MyFXTM   Tue Feb 07 2017, 05:21

MyFXTM is an investment website where you can trade Forex, Gold Oil and Foreign Currencies. It carries high degree of risk that is why you will initially see this on their website: Risk warning: Trading CFDs is risky and can result in the loss of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Many have invested large some of money but unfortunately lose including their capital and profit from FOREX. Do you know why? they claim to be expert after reading few books or attend some FOREX seminal they feel that is all. I am also among this class of persons. After reading some FOREX tutorials from baby pipes website it thought i could trade FOREX but unfortunately i lost both capital of $23 and profit of $25 initially within the space of two days. I decided to join MyFXTM because i wanted to try something new for a change you all know we are in the era of change especially those from this part of the country NIGERIA. I was with clixsense and neobux. The money i made from both i invested $100 out of it, after i had lost both profit and capital totaling the sum of $48 plus. But before i invested i engaged them on a life chat about opening an investment account with them because the $48 i lost was a sad story. After series of explanation i called their line on a phone to confirm how real the statements i saw on their life chat was, then tried it. I needed to make up for the loss of $48 including capital and profit initially. Then i discovered that trading forex is not a game of gamble but it needs the help of a good strategy manager because not all managers can strategies well in life there is always best among the equal. My ernest advise is which ever website you engage yourself in forex don't do it yourself look out for the best among the strategy managers to manage your account it is simple all you need do is to open an investment account with one of them that is all you don't need to stress yourself. Your strategy manager does the trading for you yours is to withdraw your profit they make, you will hardly notice any loss because they control a lot of investment including theirs. Your manager takes 30%-50% of your profit he or she makes for you it depends. With such investment if their is any loss it will affect both the manager and other people under him in that case the loss is minimal, because they know the best lots, leverage and volumes to trade on that is why they are called strategy manager they are numerous forex websites i don't know the best and genuine for now because am just a month old but my advice is you open an investment account with the best strategy managers where ever you find yourself he will take full control of your account for you. He takes the percentage of the profit that is due to him. Mine takes 30% of my profit. He his the best among the top strategy managers i washed his statistics and level he is operating on before i choosed him. I joined over a month after a week of study and practicing with demo account, i decided to practiced what i have learnt. The first day i made $9 plus and the second day $16 plus the second day has not come to and end when i was ripped of my initial investment of $23 and profit of $25 i wanted to make it big so i decided to trade on a large volume and i opened too many trade order that was how i lost both capital and profit. Thanks to my strategy manager who has been of immense help to my FOREX account. I deposited $100 last week monday, by 11:30 PM on friday i withdrew the profit of $220 he made for me. I am planning to get  two or more investment account with other strategy managers but am still on the wash. All things been equal if by month end i can make a profit of $1000 then i shall open another investment account with my strategy manager or a different one entirely. For those who have lost a lot cash in naira with MMM this is the time to gain it in excess in US dollar with MyFXTM It is not mandatory it is a matter of choice. For those of you who are already in the game with good strategy manager you know what i mean. If you are interested just register No website or blog will tell you the secret of FOREX they will just tell you little of what they know. With the little they have told you it will now be as if you are good to go but at the end it becomes a terrible disaster. Say good bye to MMM and embrace MyFXTM they have been there since ages past even before you were born is either you make it or you loose it the choice is yours be a wise investor time is money.
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